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🌱Condensed Milk🥛

🌱Powder Chocolate🍫

🗝Condensed milk (without lactose), in this case Soy Condensed of the brand Soymilke was used

🗝Powder Chocolate used was from the brand Gold

🗝3 soup spoons powder chocolate🥄

🗝330g of Soy Condensed

🗝get one pan and turn the can of condensed “milk” inside the pan

🗝then mix 3 spoons of powder chocolate

🗝now turn the stove ON and keep mixing until reaching the desired texture

🗝if you like “brigadeiro” more chewy then leave it longer on the stove

🗝take into consideration that it will become ticker after cooling

🗝then serve it and add smashed biscuits on top

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